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Kat Eschner's newsletter about animal-human relationships Vol. 5 iss. 6

Hey, good morning. If you’re a regular reader of The Quick Fox, you might have noticed it’s gotten a bit irregular this month. I probably don’t need to tell you that this irregularity is the result of all the chaos surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Covering the pandemic and also living through it is taking a substantial amount of mental overhead.

Toronto, where I am, is pretty shut down. My husband and I are both working from home, which is normal for me but extraordinary for him. He teaches high school and I got to make a cameo in one of his classes on Monday explaining why the disease is called COVID-19. I’m reporting on it a lot, like everybody else.

As far as I know, everyone in my circle is well at this point, though that could change rapidly. I’m very worried for a lot of people in my life and I feel very separated from many of you by the closed border.

In the midst of all this, I’m having an intense creative period. I’ve been working on a few essays and longer pieces, along with my regular work, and I’ve had the pleasure of taking Dave Housley’s short story writing workshop through Barrelhouse. They’re also offering free online read-in and write-ins to help us all cope with social isolation.

How are you doing? You can reach me anytime at kat.eschner@gmail.com or by replying to this email. If there’s something you think I should be covering right now, let me know. And I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter.


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Last week’s Zoom spelling bee was fun, and I’m hosting another one this Friday night. It’s free—I just ask that you donate money, time or effort to help an individual or group.

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