When meatpacking is also murder

Kat Eschner's newsletter about animal-human relationships Vol. 5 iss. 7

This week’s edition of The Quick Fox was brought to you by, I’m very sorry to say, meatpacking.

The notoriously poor-labor-practices job has not fared well in COVID-19. Outbreaks of the highly infectious virus have occurred in meat processing plants in Canada and the US, leading to widespread closures. They’re places that have tight working conditions and low pay, which are just two of the reasons for this.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this and I want to share a few links from different North American sources. No Tyson, the meat system isn’t collapsing; Filipino workers at meatpacking plant feel unfairly blamed for Canada’s biggest COVID-19 outbreak; Greeley meatpacking plant to raise wages by $4 an hour, strengthen safety measures; OSHA releases guidance to keep meatpacking workers safe amidst surging cases, foodpacking fears; More than 95% of Canada’s beef comes from three processing plants. Two of them have COVID-19 outbreaks.


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It’s been a busy month here—sorry I haven’t written you all more often. But now that I am writing, I want to share a couple of other things I worked on that I’m really proud of.

Last week, The Local, a Toronto outlet, published Tuesday in Allan Gardens, where the police guard the benches, my account of a day spent field reporting in my local park. I spent the day talking to people experiencing homelessness about how they’re living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the weekend, I spoke to New Hampshire Public Radio’s Taylor Quimby about lab animal research and the pandemic. We talked about this story I wrote for Popular Science earlier in the month and had a great sidebar about the euphemistic nature of terms like “non-human primate,” “euthanize,” and “humane.” You can listen to our interview here, at about minute 37.

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